There’s one problem with being trendy: Trends only last so long. In the trendy world of social networking, Friendster has already come and gone, and MySpace is showing signs of jumping the shark. Both of these sites allow people to create their own personal sites, link to friends, upload photos and other media, and generally create a virtual home for themselves online for free. Sites such as Xanga and MySpace have become especially popular among teens. And MySpace says it has tens of millions of users, and was bought recently by News Corp. for $580 million. But now ABC News Radio is doing a series on MySpace, questioning its popularity and staying power.

Do you think MySpace will last, or has it lost its street cred? What about social networking sites in general? Which ones do you like and use regularly? Use the comments below to share your thoughts, and I’ll quote the best ones in next week’s Your Take Roundup.